Come to jesus - it's not too late

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Come to Jesus - It's Not Too Late!


Back for the fifth time, tbh! the Youth Event is scheduled once again in the Middle Tennessee area and will be an incredible day for youth and teens, as well as parents and ministers alike.


** Please note that schedule is tentative and may be adjusted


* September 15, 2018


* On-site check-in begins at 8:00 a.m.

(pre-registration is greatly appreciated - see www.tbh18.net for more info)


* 4296 Murfreesboro Road - Readybille, TN (New Hope church of Christ)


* Speakers and topics


9:00 - Joe Wells - "So many churches! Does it really matter where I worship?"


9:40 - Jack Honeycutt - "It was just one time!": Consequences that last.


10:20 - 10:45 -Singing!! Brandon Eaves


10:50 - 11:25 ****** TEEN TALK/MINISTER FORUM - this will be a chance for YOU to ask difficult life/bible/helpful questions anonymously to our panel of speakers/others (submitted via online form during pre-registration - more ways may become available later). The questions will be pre-approved and moderated; however, we will allow questions that are not exceptionally sensitive to our audience.


11:30 - 12:15 - LUNCH!!


12:20 - Thomas L. Bowling - "Til death do us part....maybe?"


1:00 - Michael Clarke - "Why do I feel this way?" The reality of teen depression.


1:45 - Closing remarks and dismissal


T-shirts will be available to purchase once again this year. Information will be posted on the online registration page.


Special thanks once again to our host congregation - New Hope church of Christ, her elders for overseeing the event, our coordinators - Joey Ferrell and Drew Milligan, our food coordinator Rebecca Averitte, our speakers listed above, and our registration, planning, and event team (Rebekah Eidson Milligan, Ralph Richardson, Kristie Ferrell, James Green, Ricky Green, and the ladies of the Noah and New Hope congregations)


Please note that this event may be recorded both with audio and video, and by attending, you give your consent to allow this media to be used and posted online.


This year's event is being overseen by the elders at the church of Christ at Noah. We are so thankful for them and the cooperative effort with New Hope for making this event a great opportunity!


Any questions about the event may be posted here or emailed to Joey@JoeyFerrell.com