Registration for tbh!2018 - September 15, 2018

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This year, we plan to host an open forum type environment if enough participation warrants it. We will have speakers that will be ready to discuss answers to "hard questions" that our teens and their parents may have. These questions will be given anonymously to our panel. They will not be distributed to anyone after being submitted on this form. Joey Ferrell will receive the questions in strict confidence and paste them into a generic document to prepare our speakers to be able to study the answers. The elders at New Hope have the right to refuse any question if the nature is too sensitive; however, our plan is to answer as many as we feasibly can. A limited number of questions may be accepted the day of the event if they are related to topics that have been prepared to discuss. Alternatively, you can also email or use the anonymous submission below this form. Simply return to the page to register or submit a question.

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