"Costly Interference" - Joey Ferrell

In 2003, during a famous baseball playoff game, one man, whether intentionally, or unintentionally, caused enough interference for the team that was just a few outs from winning and advancing to the national championship to lose.

He didn't physically come down to the field.  He didn't turn the lights off at the stadium.  He simply reached out to catch a ball that appeared to be going into the stands. But, when he did, there was a fielder that was in the process of trying to catch that ball to make the final out of the inning...and he missed it.

The rest is history.  The opposing team went on to score 7 runs, 2 outs down following error after error of this team after their mental focus had been disrupted.

How does that apply in this lesson?  Take a listen and see.  We can all be influenced by an action...and we can even be the one that is sitting in seat 113.

Please listen and share.