"I Want to Go Home!" - Joey Ferrell

Have you ever traveled away from home, or spent a bit of time at work when you could not enjoy the luxury of home?  


Maybe your "home" is no longer your home anymore.  
The home you grew up in may not even exist any longer.


Sometimes, maybe "going home" can take on an entirely new meaning.  That is the premise of this lesson.  Going home...but not a home that is built with bricks and mortar.  Not a home that was once yours but is now someone else's.  Not a home that is temporal.


Please listen and share this lesson about going home...

"When Amen Becomes Oh Man!" - Joey Ferrell

In the book of Deuteronomy, there are 12 cursing listed in the 27th chapter.  These cursings are all followed with "The people shall say amen."

How has that changed over time?  Is it still acceptable to say "Amen" or have we fallen to a time in which we simply change it to "Oh Man!"

Please listen and share this lesson on how society has changed and how the church should keep saying "Amen!"

"Can't You See Jesus?" - Joey Ferrell

Sometimes we can get busy in life.  Sometimes way too busy to even see things that may be obvious.

Think about in Luke 24 on the road to Emmaus and look at the distractions of those that actually walked with Jesus...

In this lesson, we will explore how they may have been....

Too busy in life to see Jesus

Too concerned with the world to see Jesus

Too distracted to see Jesus

Too emotional to see Jesus

Take a listen and share.  

"Jesus - Servant Leader" - Joey Ferrell

While it is true that Jesus did not come to the earth to be a "leader,", He did come to serve others.

In His serving others; however, Jesus shows in His life the effectiveness of leading through serving.


The term "servant leader" is foreign to Scripture, but when you consider the life of Christ and how a view of the Hands of a Servant Leader, the Head of a Servant Leader, and especially the Heart of a Servant Leader fits into the qualities of the life that Christ displayed, it is hard to say that He was not a Servant Leader!

Take a listen and share this lesson with others and let us all become more like the Servant Leader that we can see in Jesus!

"The Heart of a Fool" - Joey Ferrell

"There is no God!"

These are the words from the heart of a fool according to the psalmist in Psalm 14 and 53.  The psalmist doesn't seem to be just referring to what we might deem as an atheist, however. 

"The heart" would imply that there is a much deeper meaning to the words uttered.

Let's explore Psalm 14 and see how we can determine the definition of a fool, the description of a fool, the detriment of a fool, and finally, the deliverance of a fool.


Please listen and share.

"Seek and Hide" - Joey Ferrell

We all know how to play hide and seek.  It is a simple little game.  One person will hide, while another will seek the hidden.

In the book of Psalms, there is a concept of the exact opposite.  There is a concept of "seeking and hiding" the word of God.

Journey through the early verses of Psalm 119 in this lesson and see if you can find what is to be sought..and what is to be hidden.

Please listen and share.



Photo credit to Norma Sue Lott

"Let's Talk About a Trade" - Joey Ferrell

What would you be willing to trade for any other thing?  What would you be willing to trade for the most expensive thing you have ever seen?


How about this little jewel that is in the picture of the post?  What would you trade for that?


What would you want to trade for eternity?

Listen to this expository lesson on John 3:16-17 and take a look at what kind of trade has already been made for YOU and I!  

Please listen and share.