The question above is intriguing. Considering we typically zero our focus on the Sower. After all, the Matthew account even calls it the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:18). The account penned by Luke shows us some of the key elements of the sower and the soil.  He recorded in Luke 8:4 and following that some of the seed fell among: the wayside, the rocks, among thorns and finally some fell on good ground. Let us ponder the question together of what kind of soil we are.


The very first thing to note about this particular soil is that it is a hard surface. The seed does not even have an ability to get down into the dirt to begin the process of growth. Luke 8:12 states that the devil comes and takes the word away from them. Keeping them from believing, they do not obey the Gospel. They are followers of the devil over the Almighty God.


Those that are on the rock soil begin to grow (Luke 8:13) but upon difficulty (a time of temptation) they are fallen away. Essentially they leave when the going gets tough. Many in the brotherhood today leave as soon as things get difficult. The apostle Paul state countless times that things would be difficult!


These are those that are consumed with the world. They allow the world to control them (Luke 8:14). We have at times allowed our things to keep us from God. Is this the soil that we would be?


Those that qualify for the good ground hear the word with an honest and good heart. They keep the word and bring forth fruit with patience (Luke 8:15). These are the true members of the Lord’s body.

Where do you and I fall? Are we more of a follower of the devil like those of the wayside soil? Or are we the type of soil like the rocky soil that leave when things get tough? Do we allow the things of this world to control us? Or are we doing what we can to bring forth fruit with patience? May we all be like the soil on good ground rejoicing at the opportunity to serve God!

-Michael Clarke


Somerville Church of Christ