"Forgiveness in a bucket" - Joey Ferrell

I have been doing a little remodeling in my house. Adding a room in a walk in attic to be more specific. There was a single wall, a couple of rafters, and a few feet of flooring in place.  The rest...well, the rest was up to me. 

I built a mini-barn with my dad back around 1984. I finished in another room that was already framed up a few years ago on the other end of the attic. I built some shelving in some places. And, I took wood shop in high school. This makes me more than highly qualified...doesn't it? 

i am finally at the drywall finish and paint stage after a few months. Some of the project went very quick and smooth, while others...well, I've had to redo a few things...a few times. 

I got excited (and ahead of myself) last week and went ahead and picked a paint color. I was at a DIY store because it was after hours and the paint store where some great Christian folks work was already closed. 

I recognized the lady at the counter from previous paint purchase in years gone by. I knew she could help. I sent swatch pictures to my wife for approval, then proceeded to the "selection" counter where all of the paint is described. Did you know there are like thirty different blends now?  Soft, gloss, flat, indoor, outdoor, eggshell, with primer, without...the list just goes on! 

After ten minutes of trying to decipher and decide, I finally just asked for help. 


"Ma'am...this is going to be for a home office/study project.  Can you help me?" 

"Yes, do you want shiny or not."


"Okay, do you want primer or not."  

"Can't I just buy the primer and paint in one?"  

"Has it been painted before?" 

"No.  It is Sheetrock that I just installed and finished myself." 

"Then you need primer.  Aisle 10.  What base do you want?" 

"O_O". Pause.  

"Do you want the paint to cover imperfections, or be a better finished look?" 

Isn't it funny how the opportunity to become humble presents itself often?  I mean come on....give me some credit here! 

"Ma'am...I'm a low voltage guy.  I am not a framer.  I am not a drywall guy.  I am sure not a drywall finisher, and I'm not much better at painting."

"So, you want the paint that is forgiving then.  Give me ten minutes."

I have to admit, the paint is pretty forgiving of my imperfections. And, she knew exactly What my struggle was, and had a solution. 

Isnt the Bible the same way?  More importantly, isn't Jesus Christ much better than a "can of forgiveness?"

I couldn't help but think of passages like 1 John 1:5-8, and Hebrews 9:13-14 in comparison to the thought of something being able to hide all of my imperfections. It is an easy solution. Yes, there are choices to be made, but when you consult the better knowledgeable Source, then the answer is right there! 

I need the paint that is forgiving. I need the Blood that is Forgiving. I need Jesus Christ to be my bucket of forgiveness, and I need a very large bucket! 

Wait...we were talking about "finishing" a project....time to get back to it.  The room...and my life. 


May God bless you.